Carissa Reiniger

Carissa Reiniger is dedicated to entrepreneurship. Her first business, Silver Lining Ltd. was inspired by her passion to see more small business owners making money doing what they love. At Silver Lining, Carissa created the SLAP™ (Silver Lining Action Plan) a business method that helps small businesses set and hit their financial goals. Silver Lining has helped over 10,000 small businesses grow and recently released an online tool that allow huge scalability- which will allow Silver Lining to grow as the company helps thousands more small businesses grow.

Carissa speaks often on entrepreneurship, has written two books, Inspiring Entrepreneurs: How to Build Your Business To Its First Million and I Will, and is a featured columnist or has been featured in the New York Times, Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, National Post and more. Carissa has been a spokesperson and partner with leading Fortune 500 companies such as RIM, Staples, Intuit, HP and UPS, working with these large companies to help more small businesses grow.

Through her holding company, CRinc, Carissa has started and/or has ownership in many other small businesses. Carissa is the Creator of Stories From Our Black Books- a website that collects real people’s relationship stories and uses the stories as inspiration for art and entertainment. Stories has released two books, produced a play across Canada and is now working on an Off Broadway production, a documentary and live art installations. She is an investor and advisor for many small businesses. In addition she is a Founding Venture Partner and Fundraising Chair for Gen Y Capital Partners.

A huge believer in giving back and helping others, Carissa served as the President of Women Entrepreneurs of Canada, is now the Co-Chair of Nikibasika Children’s Development Project in Uganda, on the Advisory Board of the Hand Up Foundation and on the board of the New York Chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization. In addition, Carissa is chairing a global initiative to incorporate philanthropy into all chapters in the EO network by leveraging the talent inside EO to grant money, time and expertise to all of the non profit organizations around the world who are teaching entrepreneurship.

For fun, Carissa is getting her pilot’s license and will be flying around the world in 30 days, starting on her 30th birthday, June 4, 2012.

She is working hard to live out her personal manifesto every single day. Do Life. Be Real. Make People Smile.